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My copywriting partner and I lived in NY for 5 years and fell in love with the Yankees. So we were pleased as punch when we learned we’d be working on the Yankees campaign for Nike.

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When Joe Girardi first became the manager of the Yankees, he wore the number 27 to symbolize the quest for the team's 27th World Championship. 
In honor of that, we came up with a campaign in which all of the players wore the number 27 to show their conviction for reaching the goal. When they actually won the championship, we ran these ads and installed window signage to celebrate.

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The Yankees and Red Sox have a well-known long-standing rivalry based partly on proximity, and partly on "The Curse of the Bambino".
So for one of the Yankees-Redsox series, we decided to make Tarot-like "curse" cards to play off Red Sox fans' frustrations toward the very lopsided rivalry record.