Coca-Cola sponsors a team of 12 NASCAR drivers. While working on Coke at Wieden+Kennedy, my partner and I somehow became the NASCAR creative team.
It was fun digging into a world in which I had never really had much exposure, and I think we ended up with some really solid and unexpected work.


Knowing we had to highlight Coke's 12 drivers, we asked ourselves: what would happen if the drivers drank Coke in the middle of a rough race? 


The brief from Coke: we need to highlight each of our 12 drivers, while also telling fans that they could win some cool NASCAR gear by looking under their bottle caps. 
Our solution: hire a Swedish director to help us conceive of a Cannonball Run-type of race where drivers are racing around the country giving out gear to fans, all shot in stop motion animation. Makes sense.

Fun fact: the commercial was shot at Aardman studios, and I got to see Wallace and Grommit's kitchen.


This was our first NASCAR commercial from a few years back - (as evidenced by the standard definition screen ratio.) 
The brief for this one was to highlight Coke's 12 drivers as well as the benevolent side of the brand.
Our solution: since these guys are so competitive, wouldn't it make sense for them to also be competitive when it comes to earning donations for a charity.